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The Apache - Original Name for ourselves is "Nde" and all other variations mean "The People" hold more than 100 thousand years of ancient knowledge recorded and archived by oral recollections, and ancient codices passed down through generations since time of creation. The Nde are a unique culture and people living in what we call The Beauty Way, "Walking in Beauty". The Apacheria has been known as a nation for tens of thousands of years as described by Mayan and Aztec codec. We held and created treaties with Spain recorded before the United States was conceived, with a distinct land base known to the United States and Mexican Federal Governments, stolen as the American Southwest and Northern Mexico, are traditional territories where clanship societies quietly thrive in a peaceful sanctuary status. The nation is reborn through The People's oral tradition of recorded histories put into practice in transferable form becoming active in trade. A people forced into the great Apache Diaspora and Confinement beginning at San Carlos Arizona are the complete appreciation of our unique history and culture. A People of great trial in the quest to become free once again. Steps towards sovereignty taken by erecting our trade economy, original status as nation state governed by traditional and natural law since time of creation to Walk in Beauty again. Our futures relies upon our actions today in taking steps into freedom for the children and their children to come.

The Nde People are world renowned for arts of Basketry, Cradle Board Makers, and Beaded Works historically the finest investment and value you can find. Community Events and holidays are opportunities to locate vendor offerings of hard to find items. Native Trade and Barter are open with local products readily available throughout the community, Saturday Morning Market held at the Peridot Rodeo Grounds, every weekend is were you can find fresh hot pop-overs, Apache delicacy Acorn Stew, Native tunes to hot pickles while you shop through various crafts, arts, products, and services found at this community market place. Good luck in finding today's discovery that become tomorrows treasures!

Where have all the Weavers Gone? 

San Carlos is home to the worlds largest deposit of Peridot the August birthstone, "Heart of the Earth" and "Stone of the Sun" man has collected these crystals for thousands of years the world over. Peridot jewelry is crafted locally by artisans and jewelers featured at various websites on our local business guide, Basha's Store, Apache Gem Miners Association, Apache Gems, Apache Way LLC, and Apache Gold Resort. Minerals, Crystals and Items of Adornment are local fare with many outlets and local vendors throughout the community.

 History of BIA "Trust" Departure Aboriginal Title 2017

The San Carlos Apache Reservation is home to testing Agent Orange since the 1940's by local earliest recollections. please read articles before coming to San Carlos and educate yourself. If you are willing to help the community please contact the Chamber of Commerce directly.

If you suspect you have been poisoned or possibly came into contact with chemicals on the San Carlos Apache Reservation Please contact your doctor first then the National EPA below Harry Allen if needed

EPA - Region 9 Harry Allen Contact

When Tax Payers Complain Things Will Change Agent Orange Apache Test Site

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