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The region is blessed with a variety natural wonders for everyone, we are a family based community activities for all ages are abundant. The temperate climate of the Reservation makes hunting for big and small game, such as elk, bighorn sheep, javelina, antelope and migratory birds, enjoyable in every season.  Magnificent natural beauty abounds unspoiled streams and lakes, the high country with Native species of fish including Apache Trout.

A central point of recreational activity is San Carlos Lake. A fisherman’s paradise, it was created by the construction of Coolidge Dam and is rimmed by approximately 158 miles of shoreline with a tackle shop with supplies and ice. The lake averages 19,500 acre feet of water in a good season, making it the largest body of water within Arizona. Talkalai Lake is 600 acres as a man made reservoir with trophy largemouth bass created by the Blue and San Carlos rivers. Point of Pines Lake is a beautiful high mountain lake stocked with rainbow trout, which is 34 acres in size and is flanked by campgrounds in a ponderosa pine forest. Seneca Lake is managed as both a warm-water and cool-water fishery, offering channel catfish and red-ear sunfish for anglers during the summer months and rainbow and brown trout during the cooler winter months. The Black River and Salt River Recreation Areas are true blessing of the San Carlos Apache Reservation abundant with native species of fish and make spectacular hiking expeditions.

Many diverse opportunities exist for the angler on the San Carlos Reservation with both warm water and cold water fisheries available all year round. In addition, more than 100 small ponds, called tanks, dot the area, along with many smaller lakes and streams. Lakes are regularly stocked, and fishing for trout, bass, channel, catfish, crappie and bluegill is excellent. Permits are required and can be obtained from authorized outlets listed at the San Carlos Game & Fish department.

Water-related recreation opportunities are available on the Salt River. U.S. 60, the direct route between White Mountain Apache and San Carlos, travels through the Salt River Canyon which is often referred to as the mini Grand Canyon. Whitewater rafting, kayaking and canoeing are popular sports as river runs high with melting snows of the mountains.

San Carlos is home to the worlds largest deposit of Peridot the August birthstone, "Heart of the Earth" and "Stone of the Sun" man has collected these crystals for thousands of years the world over. Peridot jewelry is crafted locally by artisans and jewelers featured in the Cultural Center, Basha's Store, Noline's Country Story, and Apache Gold Gift Shop. Minerals, Crystals and Items of Adornment are local fare with outlets and direct vendors throughout the community.

World renowned basketry the ancient craftsmanship can be found within today's offerings of, Apache Burden Baskets, Cradle Boards, and Beaded Works historically the finest quality and value you can find. Community Events and holidays are opportunities to locate vendors selling these and other hard to find items. Native Trade and Barter are open with Native Products fluent in the community, Saturday Morning Market held at the community center - Boy's & Girl's club, every weekend were you can find fresh hot pop-overs, Apache delicacy Acorn Stew, Native tunes or hot pickles. Crafts and arts of the community abound this community market place. Good luck in finding today's living treasures!

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San Carlos Cultural Center, a direct view into history of the Apache Nation. Located in Peridot Arizona highway 70 at milepost 272, open Mon.-Fri. 8:00AM-5:00PM.

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