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Section I. Service or Product Strategy – Getting your idea formulated and business worthy.

The product and or service strategy of a business is how the business will develop, produce, and deliver its products and or its services to the targeted customer base. Careful thought and consideration must be given to the following:

1.  what product or service will be offered

2.  how that product or service is different or better than others in the market  

3.  how the business will fulfill the demand for the products or services

4.  what technology or equipment will be needed to develop, produce and deliver the products or services

5.  supplies of resources how will you maintain your business


Section II. Marketing

A. Introduction: What is Marketing?
Everything you do, say, write, mail out or put online that deals with potential or current clients is marketing. Why? Because it’s all about what you project: your image, the company’s image and the image of your product or service.

Fortune 500 companies call it branding, which is the development of a company or product image. Through branding, all messages become consistent and targeted for the company’s market segments. You can see great examples of branding by watching TV commercials; for example, think about the Mercedes Car Company or Wal-Mart. From their ads to their website, you know the brand. Another way to think of branding is product positioning.

·    Entrepreneur - volumes of material on marketing

For a discussion on branding, review this site:

·    Small Business Marketing




Section III. Sales

A. Introduction - The Sales Plan - A sales plan identifies the strategies that will be employed to get your product or services in front of the actual customers or decision makers.

The following sites may assist you:

·    Business Plan Guide

·    U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Sales & Marketing Plan)

·    Entrepreneur

Section IV. Business, Professional and Occupational License

A. Introduction

Starting a business on Native Reservations vary with the location and business codes established. It is suggested to investigate any procedures you may need to comply with under Native Governmental authorities for your region. Each reservation has it's own circumstances with business startups. In San Carlos we may start a business several different ways all positive and adding to the vital economic communities of the Apache Nations. 

Corporations and development groups wishing to do business with the San Carlos government are advised to contact the new San Carlos Planning Department director at 928-475-2331 or email for further contact information. You may also follow this link to the San Carlos Apache Administration page or call 928-475-2361.

Individuals engaged in a home-based business or who are self-employed can obtain a license to do business on the reservation from the state of Arizona Department of Revenue. A tribal license may also be obtained from the finance department and is suggested, reinforcing San Carlos Apache National sovereignty.  

The Arizona business license or Transaction and Privilege and Use Tax License TPT fee is 12.00 dollars payable to the Arizona Department of Revenue or ADOR. New businesses can file the applications through mail or at one of the state offices listed below. Downloadable Forms

Download a Discussion on Arizona Limited Liability Companies


For more information on business licenses, contact:

To register for an Arizona State Business License go to Arizona Department of Revenue or the website listed below

Office hours for all locations are from
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Arizona Time

           Central Phoenix, Main Office
           1600 W. Monroe, Phoenix, AZ85007-2650
         Public parking is available to the east of the building.

        Satellite offices are located at:

          East Phoenix Metro Area
          3191 N. Washington, Chandler, AZ85225

          400 W. Congress, TucsonAZ85701

Phone Toll-free from 520 or 928 area code
800 352-4090


State of New Mexico Taxation & Revenue


Section V. Operations

A. Introduction - Operations refers to the daily functioning of your business. The important factors to consider are your staff, your business location and controlling the costs of your business.

Visit the links below for more information:

·   Entrepreneur  

.   CAIED: Center for American Indian Economic Development

Section VI. Finances, Business Structures and Taxes

A. Introduction - Preparing a Financial Statement

·  Certified Public Accountants and tax preparations are important

Keeping track of your finances and proper payment of tax liabilities is essential to the successful operation of any business. A good software program may help you get up and running and there are several on the market that are user friendly and can set you on the right path:


·   QuickBooks Software

·   TurboTax Software for Business, as well as Quicken and QuickBooks

·   Peachtree Accounting Software for middle to larger businesses


·   Business Owner's Toolkit - Managing Your Business Finances, Basic Bookkeeping, Managing your cash flow and analyzing your current position  

.   Business Owners Resources -

·   Business Owner's Toolkit - Business tools and forms

·   Business Owners Toolkit (Emphasize Proper Record keeping) - Legal Record keeping

Section VII. Other Resources

CAIED: Center for American Indian Economic Development
Resource center for Arizona's twenty-two tribal nations and communities. Services include technical assistance, business consulting and training, and educational workshops. CAIED provides a website with a database library offering current information on Arizona tribes, Indian economic development, and general development issues.

The Minority Business Guide. The Minority Business Guide is a B2B resource designed to increase the branding and visibility of minority business owners. The Guide is marketed directly to procurement officers in federal, state and local government, corporations, commercial contract development companies and other procurement resources. Visit

Small Business Radio



ANCC Online Business Center

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Apache Chamber

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