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You will need a recreation permits for most of the Apache Nations such as the following San Carlos Tribal Government rates: ($10 per day) to camp, picnic, hike, or venture onto back roads unless you have a fishing, hunting, or special-use permit. Family permits include parents and kids 18 and under. Visitors to the Black and Salt Rivers or Bear Wallow Creek must have a special permit. One-day permits are good for 24 hours from midnight to midnight. No permit is needed for driving through on US 60, US 70, Road 800 to San Carlos, or Road 500 to Coolidge Dam. Always check for latest permit costs at the Recreation & Wildlife Department in San Carlos. Avoid any rusty barrels or drums that you may come across in the field or river beds. Contact USEPA at below links.

If you suspect you have been poisoned or possibly came into contact with chemicals on the San Carlos Apache Reservation Please contact your doctor first then the National EPA below Harry Allen if needed

EPA - Region 9 Harry Allen Contact

San Carlos Recreation and Wildlife Department            Phone: (928)-475-2343

EPA - Region 9 Harry Allen Contact

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