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San Carlos Apache Culture Center

Our first Cultural Center opened on September 12, 1995, located in Peridot, Arizona on Highway 70. The San Carlos Apaches can tell the story of our people and history. A special exhibit, Window on Apache Culture, is hosted in the center and describes the Apache’s Spiritual beginnings and ceremonies such as the Changing Women. Educational programs and demonstrations are available for schools and other groups by contacting director Mr. Herb Stevens.

The Apache are descendents of the Ancients. Over time, many bands of Apache were relocated to the reservation from their traditional homelands extending from Texas through New Mexico and Arizona into Mexico and California. The San Carlos Apache Reservation was established on November 9, 1871 is the worlds first concentration camp still existing to this day. Our story, is the American History come explore to meet the people and hear the stories first hand.

Fine crafted items of adornment, burden baskets from world renowned artists, Apache Cradle Boards ornamental and full size available. Peridot jewelry, paintings, carvings & sculptures flanked by beaded caps, key chains and books of Apache history, a true resource of information and wealth of knowledge awaits you. A true opportunity to meet community representatives "Mountain People" descendants of the ancients - Nde "The People" in person.

Mr. Herb Stevens - San Carlos Apache Culture Center
Phone: 928-475-2894 contact directly for current prices
Located on US 70 Milepost 272; open Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Please visit all the "Nde" Culture centers in the Southwest United States


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P.O. Box 1240
San Carlos, Arizona 85550



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